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Hand-crafted by master rollers using hand-selected tobaccos from The Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Ecuador and Peru. Available in Claro, Natural, or our rich Maduro wrapper.

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SMOKE Magazine, winter '99/'00
Country: U.S. Wrapper: Mexico Binder: Nicaragua
Manufacturer: Island Smoke Shop Filler: DR/Hon/Nic/Mex/Per Price: $5.49
Panelist #1There are tons of smoke with every draw. It's a good cigar with plenty of kick. Herfers take note:, this one has it all.SCORE: 4.1
Panelist #2This hearty, peppery cigar is better suited for later in the day, perhaps with your favorite drink. It's a guaranteed special moment. SCORE: 4.7
Panelist #3This one is as smooth as a baby's bottom! Consistent throughout ... May I have more? Definitely a humidor selection. SCORE: 4.5
Panelist #4Consistency is the name of the game with this cigar. It's a big hitter with sublime flavor, and it delivered every time. SCORE: 4.3

El Original Toro

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